Cumulative Environmental Effects: Expanding Research with the Hopi Tribe

Research Team

Hopi Partners



Mary Kay O’Rourke PhD
Project Co-Lead | Director, Exposure Science Core


Brian Mayer PhD
Investigator | Co-Director, Community Engagement Core


The overall goal of this project is to use a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach to collaborate with the Hopi Tribe investigating household exposures to inform policy decisions. Household exposures are major sources of environmental hazards encountered by many indigenous communities.

Research Aims

  • Characterize the magnitude of environmental exposures to particulate matter (PM), As species, U and other contaminants from air, water, and food in households among the Hopi.
  • Evaluate how exposures are moderated by social determinants of health, social capital and community resilience.
  • Expand the Hopi Tribe’s capacity to address areas of environmental concern that can inform programs and policy.